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Berindo Jaya, as a Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) company, devotes all our passion to coffee. Established in 1997, PT Berindo Jaya procures green coffee directly from farmers, producers, collectors and suppliers and processing them to custom-fit worldwide roaster’s requirements.

As part of the Responsible Stakeholder Program, Berindo Jaya works also closely with the local community to support the Indonesian coffee supply chain. We collaborate with 19 farmer groups providing them with knowledge, assistance and quality seeds with the aim to maximize farmer livelihood.

Furthermore, Berindo Jaya strives for a safe, fair and healthy working environment cultivating a positive synergy internally and externally.

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Coffee is our tradition, our present, and our future.

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Sustainability and responsible conduct are our core values

Coffee is our passion.

NKG Asia Hub

NKG Asia Hub is a lean and cost-efficient business set-up currently consisting of four companies: Bero Coffee Singapore, Berindo Jaya, NKG Vietnam and NKG Korea. Each company plays a different role, together we present you with the best quality and services, providing a wide range of products. Our coffee network enables unique opportunities and connects you to worldwide coffee and the most comprehensive coffee market information.

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